Saturday, 17 December 2011


A new person has emerged as the world's shortest woman as she turned 18 yesterday being friday, 16th December. Jyoti Amge, from central india aspires to be a star in Bollywood (and i see no reason why she won't make it considering our famous Aki and Paw-Paw). She is just 62.8 centimeters (24.7 inches) tall — shorter than the average 2-year-old. Rather than seeing her height as a curse, she said she felt grateful for being small, as it had brought her recognition. She had previously held the world record for being the world's shortest teenager, just until she turned 18. Pictures of her are shown below.

Monday, 12 December 2011


I was watching a movie titled "City of Angels". In the movie, it is portrayed that there are angels who come to take people's souls (at least that's what i think they are) as they are about to die. One of the angels as he came to take away the soul of a patient who was operated on but did not make it saw the female doctor who did the surgery and eventually fell in love with her. The problem now is that for him to be able to fully feel the effects of love, he has to become human. He is then told that as God gave humans free will, angels were also given the same. That means that he can become human if he chooses to. So this got me thinking: is free will actually free?

Free will can simply be defined as the ability of us as rational beings to choose a course of action from among various alternatives. This points towards the fact that what we become and how we end up eventually are influenced by our choices. But is this really true?
God by nature of being omniscient knows everything. This includes our destinies. Doesn't this mean that He knows exactly how we end up and that things have been put in motion to this effect? If so then where does this free will of ours come into play?

Sometimes a person's decision and actions affect someone else's future or even the course of history. For example think about this: what would have become of christianity if Judas hadn't betrayed Jesus Christ? So it was Judas's destiny to betray Christ. What happened to his free will in this case?
I just decided to share my thoughts with you guys and I'd like to read about your opinions on this matter so feel free to comment.

The Craziness of Harmattan

Harmattan, a period which occurs during the dry season between the months of november and february, is here again. Dreaded by some yet still loved by others, it is characterized by drying of skin, cracking of lips, soles of feet and for some people even the skin itself, among other things. As a result of these, people resort to means of ensuring that their skins don't dry up through the use of lotions, moisturizers, emollients (eg mineral oil and petroleum jelly or vaseline). Girls go about with tubes of lip gloss in their bags and purses (not that they don't do it outside the harmattan period though) while some apply vaseline (which seems to be very efficient too) and this doesn't apply to girls alone.
Wind blows almost all the time filling the atmosphere with dust. The wind blows from the north-east, carrying sand and dust from the sahara desert. Sometimes, the wind and dust are so much that they form harmattan haze which reduces visibility in the atmosphere causing flights to be cancelled or redirected sometimes as a result.
The eyes are exposed to the harsh weather especially dust particles carried by the wind, causing itching and redness. Blocked noses and throats experienced when one wakes up in the morning aren't what anyone would look forward to. This makes harmattan not the best of weathers for people with pre-existing chronic chest infection. Worthy of note is Asthma, a chronic disease that makes it hard to breathe due to inflammatory congestion in the lower respiratory tract. Asthma patients thus pay special attention to their health, taking all possible practical measures to reduce exposure to the dusty atmosphere in addition to having their inhalers with them all the time.
As a result of the cold experienced at nights, people resort to means of keeping themselves warm. Some put on layers upon layers of clothing, some use "human blankets" if you know what i mean. Activities that could have transpired during the process of keeping warm lead to population increase nine months later. Sometimes i think that the mortality rate due to accidents that occur during withing the ember months and ritual killings that take place during the xmas period could be nature's way of checking this population increase.
Also, as a result of the fact that the harmattan period coincides with xmas period, girls try their best to look as charming as possible with the hope of catching the eyes of yankee and janded guys who come home for the yuletide. But the dryness of skin and cracking of lips doesn't seem to be doing much to help them in their cause.
But harmattan period doesn't have just downs associated with it. The upsides include quick drying of clothes as clothes dry within minutes after being washed. Also, mosquitoes seem to be almost non-existent as waters and bushes which favour their breeding seem to dry up.
It has been stated that the harmattan period has its pros and cons which make it loves by some people and hated by others. Feel free to drop your comments stating whether and why you love it or not.

Saturday, 10 December 2011

Update your facebook status to include ...via blackberry or ...via iphone and more.

Don't have a blackberry or an iphone? No problem. You can still update your facebook status to include ...via blackberry or ...via iphone. You think all those people whose status updates contain those terms actually have the phones? Think again. In fact you can even customize what appears on your status updates to anything you like. Guess what mine is! *....via Ekwenti Chygoz*. I know, funny right? To achieve this, simply visit
Create an account with them and voila you've joined the train. The site contains all you need to know to be able to achieve it.
Now you've got a blackberry or an iphone or rather an imaginary one. But if one fine babe or one handsome guy asks you for your pin, you're on your own o.*laughs*

Free internet browsing!!!

Hey Guys! Seems our network providers (Glo and Airtel) have decided to put a little smile on our faces since MTN decided to put a stop to our "enjoyment". And when i say "decided to" i actually mean they may have some glitches in their system. But who cares! As long as it's to our benefit. Here are the codes for browsing free:

For Airtel:
Simply send a message containing 101 to 141. Each message costs N50. You'll get a reply that "You have successfully added the 3072MB databundle plan for 30 days". If you want to increase the data given to you, send the message again. But remember that each message costs you. For some people, when you send the message, it doesn't get delivered immediately. Just keep in mind that it'll eventually be delivered so there's no need for sending it over and over again because when it does get delivered, they'll deduct the N50 for each message sent. You'll only end up getting more data than you bargained for at the expense of your airtime. For those who buy new sim cards, after getting it registered, simply send "Internet <space>PhoneType<space>Phone model" (without the quotes) to 232 to get it activated and receive the settings. Alternatively, you can call their customer care agent (their customer service seems to have improved as they listen to you attentively *or maybe it's because of my sweet voice*) on 111 to get it done for you. You can use the sim on your modem with the following settings:
Username: internet
Password: internet
Okay it's not totally free but hey what's N50 to get 3GB data?

For Glo:
Use these settings
APN: glomms
Username: mms
Password: mms
Open your brower and use these ip port 3130 in all protocols. You can also use the ip with proxifier to connect the whole of your computer to the internet.
To get your sim activated for browsing, call their customer care on 121 or send a message containing "Internet <space>PhoneType<space>Phone model" (without the quotes) to 1234