Saturday, 10 December 2011

Free internet browsing!!!

Hey Guys! Seems our network providers (Glo and Airtel) have decided to put a little smile on our faces since MTN decided to put a stop to our "enjoyment". And when i say "decided to" i actually mean they may have some glitches in their system. But who cares! As long as it's to our benefit. Here are the codes for browsing free:

For Airtel:
Simply send a message containing 101 to 141. Each message costs N50. You'll get a reply that "You have successfully added the 3072MB databundle plan for 30 days". If you want to increase the data given to you, send the message again. But remember that each message costs you. For some people, when you send the message, it doesn't get delivered immediately. Just keep in mind that it'll eventually be delivered so there's no need for sending it over and over again because when it does get delivered, they'll deduct the N50 for each message sent. You'll only end up getting more data than you bargained for at the expense of your airtime. For those who buy new sim cards, after getting it registered, simply send "Internet <space>PhoneType<space>Phone model" (without the quotes) to 232 to get it activated and receive the settings. Alternatively, you can call their customer care agent (their customer service seems to have improved as they listen to you attentively *or maybe it's because of my sweet voice*) on 111 to get it done for you. You can use the sim on your modem with the following settings:
Username: internet
Password: internet
Okay it's not totally free but hey what's N50 to get 3GB data?

For Glo:
Use these settings
APN: glomms
Username: mms
Password: mms
Open your brower and use these ip port 3130 in all protocols. You can also use the ip with proxifier to connect the whole of your computer to the internet.
To get your sim activated for browsing, call their customer care on 121 or send a message containing "Internet <space>PhoneType<space>Phone model" (without the quotes) to 1234



  1. For Glo users, make sure you have airtime on your sim though it will remain untouched.

  2. Update! It seems for Airtel, the offer was open for just a short while as it seems you can no longer get the data bundle when you send the message but those who managed to get it still enjoy it till it expires or rather till Airtel says otherwise. Hey if you missed out on this opportunity, there's still glo.

  3. Guy, you are sharing your world really.

  4. lol. I wouldn't want to enjoy this alone.

  5. bro nice blog man, anything new in the freebies zone?

  6. What network do you have in mind?

  7. Guy are they still doing. This zain stuff?


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