Saturday, 31 March 2012

Aston Villa Captain Retires From Football

Aston Villa captain Stiliyan Petrov has decided to retire from football after being diagnosed of acute leukaemia on Friday after falling ill with a virus after their game against Arsenal last weekend.
Stiliyan Petrob
Poor him. Having to give up a game he loves playing to battle with his health. He is just 32 years old.

Kaduna Man Sets Self on Fire After Theft Accusation

First it was a Tibetian exile setting himself on fire during a protest. Now it is a Kaduna man setting himself on fire because he was accused of theft by his colleagues. 
Muhammad Awwal was accused of stealing a truck spare part and he poured Kerosene on himself and threatened to set himself on fire if the accusation wasn't stopped. The people around watching what was happening thought he was joking but were convinced otherwise when he actually carried out his threat. All efforts to put out the fire were in vain and he died while being taken to a hospital.

HollyWood Royalty Meets British Royalty

Penelope Cruz, Javier Bardem

First it was Prince Harry that moved next door to Prince William and Kate Middleton at Kensington Palace. Now it is Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem.

Bardem is in town to shoot the new James Bond movie Skyfall so while he out working, Cruz has been staying at their new London home to look after their 14-month-old dog, Leo. It is gathered that the Couple's flat is just a stone's throw away from Will and Kate's Kensington manse, and that both properties share an adjoining parkland.
Who knows? Maybe the British royalties may send a welcome-to-the-neighbourhood pie!


Scientist Who Was Out to Challenge Einstein's Special Theory of Relativity Resigns After His Findings Were Overturned

Antonio Ereditato, an Italian professor who led an experiment to challenge one of the fundamentals of modern physics by showing particles moving faster than the speed of light, has resigned after the finding was overturned earlier this month. 
The OPERA experiment (as it is known as) measuring the speed at which sub-atomic particles called neutrinos travelled from the European Organization for Nuclear Research (popularly known as CERN) research centre in Geneva to Gran Sasso in central Italy at first appeared to show they had flown the 730 km stretch 60 bilionths of a second faster than light placing the speed at 4.38 * 10^ 16 metres per second compared to that of light which is 3 * 10^ 8 metres per second. Had it been confirmed, the finding would have disproved Einstein's 1905 Special Theory of Relativity, one of the foundations of modern physics and cosmology, which holds that nothing in the universe can travel faster than light.
The result of the experiment was later called into question by separate experiments and CERN said the OPERA result appeared to be the result of a measurement error or malfunction.
Sorry Professor Antonio, but you can't disprove Baba Einstein that easily.

Thursday, 29 March 2012

Beyonce Asks Christian Louboutin To Design Shoes For Blue Ivy

When you have Beyonce and Jay-Z as your parents, you can definitely expect custom-made designer clothes and accessories. At just a few months old, Blue Ivy already has an incredible designer wardrobe and mama Beyonce is on the hunt for more. Beyonce has reportedly asked Christian Louboutin to design a matching pair of shoes for herself and baby Ivy.

Abeg who said money isn't good?

Manchester United's Rio Ferdinand Loves D'Banj's Oliver Twist

After Don Jazzy's and D'banj's seperation, a lot of people may have been asking whether D'banj made the right move. But it seems with Kanye West's backing, D'banj is in the right hands.
I guess this tweet says it all.

Man Falls Off Elevator At WAEC Building and Dies

A man named Fatai met his untimely death after falling off an elevator at the WAEC building. The story is that the elevator(which was malfunctioning but wasn't indicated to the public) opened midway on the 8th floor of the 12-Storey building. Fatai stepped out of the elevator thinking that it had reached its destination only to meet open space and then fell off and hit the ground. The family of the deceased have taken the matter to the police and may probable sue WAEC's a** for wrongful death.

Monday, 26 March 2012

Man Sets Himself On Fire During Protest

A Tibetan exile has set himself on fire at a demonstration in central Delhi a day before a visit to india by China's president. Jamphel Yeshi, a 27-year-old Delhi resident, doused himself with petrol during a protest at the Jantar Mantar observatory a few hundred yards from India's parliament.

The dude is really committed to his cause. Or he is just nuts. For more information, click here 

Sunday, 25 March 2012

Miss Universe Canada disqualifies transsexual contestant Jenna Talackova for being born a boy

Hi peeps. I know it's been a while. No it's been a very long while since i posted on this blog. I've been quite busy with this and that. But anyway i'm back. Maybe :)
What is this world turning into?
Jenna Talackova, one of the contestants that was to compete in Miss Universe Canada beauty pageant in May has been disqualified. Reason: she used to be a boy.

Talackova began hormone therapy at 14 and underwent sexual reassignment surgery at 19.  She is presently 23 years old.
For more info, click here