Thursday, 9 August 2012

Fatal Accident At UNIZIK Junction, Awka

A very fatal accident which resulted in the loss of human lives occured this evening at the UNIZIK junction, around temp site area of Awka. The accident was said to have been as a result of a trailer whose brakes failed colliding with unsuspecting standers-by. Four people lost their lives including a commercial motocyclist, a child beggar and a hawker. 21 other vehicles were said to have been destroyed. Check after the break for images. WARNING!!! The images are graphic. Viewers discretion is adviced.


  1. its a pity. But what do you mean by that statement "Viewers discretion is adviced".
    your reply is needed.

    1. Some people can't stand seeing pictures that display so much blood so it was meant as a warning to them.


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