Saturday, 7 April 2012

Butt Implants Surgery Goes Wrong

An ex-stripper's life has been ruined by a fake surgeon after she went to her for butt implants.

Oneal Ron Morris is accused of performing numerous back-alley cosmetic procedures.  (©Miami Gardens Police Department)
                                                  The victim

The ex-stripper, Lournise Linton claims that the fake doctor injected Fix-A-Flat (which is a tire inflator) and cement into her buttocks, claiming it was silicone. The fake implants have become discoloured and brick-hard, claims Linton.
The fake surgeon, identified as Oneal Ron Morris is reportedly a transgendered woman. She is accused of performing cosmetic operations with chemicals like cement, super glue and mineral oil which she injects into patients. One of her victims claimed that she once put super glue on cotton ball which she used to seal an injection wound on her.

         Oneal Ron Morris

Morris has since been arrested since November 2011 and has been charged to court where she pleaded not guilty.

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