Monday, 21 May 2012

Mysterious Disease Turns Young Boy Into Skeleton

A Saudi Arabian newspaper, Sabq Arabic language daily, published pictures of the boy suffering from a strange disease that has caused him general weakness and continuous loss of weight and his temperature goes up sharply while he gets infections from time to time. He has been bed-ridden at a hospital in the southern town of Abha. The boy, whose age was not specified is the only male in the family after the death of his father. He has five sisters who are married and live far away from their village although one of them often comes to help his mother look after him. Doctors have told his aging mother that he needs to be transferred to a specialized hospital to diagnose his disease and find a treatment but the mother objected on the grounds that she is "much worried about him".


  1. Masyaallah..
    Ya Allah.. give him the best place in your heaven.

    1. As at the time this post was made, he wasn't dead yet. He may still be alive now.


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