Friday, 24 August 2012

Just A Little Video To Cheer You Up

I stumbled across this video and I just couldn't stop laughing so I decided to share it with you guys. Hope you enjoy it.

Kidnapped ESUT Vice-Chancellor Released

Prof. Cyprian Onyeji, the vice chancellor of the Enugu State University of Science and Techonology (ESUT), who was kidnapped on the 15th of August, 2012, has been released. The kidnappers had demanded a ransom to the tune of N200 million but we have no idea about if a ransom was paid and how much was paid to secure his release.

Charly Boy Speaks On Why He Posed Nude

Charles Oputa, known popularly as Charly Boy and Area Fada, has in a recent interview talked about why he likes being controversial as well as on the issue of posing nude. View the controversial images and the excerpts of the interview after the break.

Chinedu Ikedieze a.k.a Aki Poses With Daughter

Isn't she cute?

Monday, 20 August 2012

Family Stop Woman From Jumping Off a 9-Storey Building To Her Death, Unknown To Them That She Had Earlier Thrown Nephew Off The Same Roof

Rescuers and relatives hold on to the legs of a woman attempting to commit suicide by jumping off a building in the city of Zhanjiang in China
The picture shown above is that of a woman being stopped from committing suicide by jumping off the roof of the nine-storey building shown. Unknown to them, the woman, Sheng Fi, had hours earlier smothered her four-year-old nephew just a few hours earlier and thrown his body off the same roof in Southern China. Sheng had a fight with her sister-in-law, the boy's mother, and killed the boy as a result of the fight.
Mission: The woman's daughter was brought up on the roof to attempt to talk her down - not knowing that her mother had killed her cousin
The woman's daughter was brought to the roof of the 100ft tall building to talk her down after which they made the move to grab her before she could jump. Sheng admitted to throwing the boy's body off the same roof. A police spokesman told the local media that she'll be killed by a firing squad for murder.
The incident took place in Zhanjiang, Guangdong province of China. China is highly placed among the list of the countries with the highest suicide rates in the world, appearing ninth in the WHO's list of countries by suicide rate.

Saturday, 18 August 2012

Brazilian Builder Cheats Death After 6-foot Metal Bar Pierces His Skull

Horrific: The metal bar went through the worker's hard hat, into his skull, and out between his eyes
I know you must be wondering how someone could survive that. The picture above is that of Eduardo Leite, a 24-year-old construction worker with a 6-foot metal bar through his skull. The metal bar fell from above and pierced his head while he was working. Doctors at the Miguel Couto Hospital, Rio de Janeiro, successfully removed the iron bar from Eduardo's skull during a five-hour surgery. Eduardo was reported to have shown no negative consequences after the operation.
How did he survive? This scan shows the true extent of the horrific injury suffered by the Brazilian builderMiracle: After five hours of surgery, Leite's condition stabilised, according to the hospital board

ESUT VC Abductors Demand N200 million Ransom

Prof. Cyprian Onyeji, the vice chancellor of the Enugu State University of Science and Techonology (ESUT) was kidnapped by unknown gunmen about three days ago on his way to work. It has been learnt that his abductors, who are in contact with his family, have demanded for N200 million as ransom. The institution's authorities have indicated that it won't be involved in any form of negotiation with the kidnappers.

Chinese Baby Born With 16 Toes

The little boy has eight toes on each foot and five fingers on each hand but no thumbs on both hands. The condition is a rare genetic one known as polydactylism. The boy's father said that surgery will be done to remove the extra digits.

Miss China Wins the Miss World Crown

Yu Wenxia
Miss China, Yu Wenxia, has emerged the winner in the just concluded 2012 Miss World beauty pageant held at Ordos, Inner Mongolia, in China. She is the second person from china to clench the Miss World title after Zhang Zilin won the crown in 2007. Yu Wenxia, a 23-year-old music student says she aspires to become a music teacher. Sophie Elizabeth Moulds of Wales was the first runner-up while Jessica Michelle Kahawaty of Australie was the second runner-up.

Sunday, 12 August 2012

LASTMA Official Not Actually Killed By Banker?

On Friday, 10th August, there was news that Yinka Johnson, a female banker with Stanbic IBTC, ran over and killed a LASTMA official. This was in the process of trying to evade the LASTMA officials after being caught driving against traffic. Today, it seems that the information that made the news is false as an eyewitness has given a different account of what happened. The eyewitness who was at the scene of the incident said that the LASTMA official was hit by a danfo driver and not by the banker. The eyewitness claimed that the banker's car was stationary when the incident occured. The eyewitness also said that the Danfo had its windscreen broken while there was no sign of an impact on the banker's car.
Here is Yinka's version of the incident:

I was driving on Lekki-Epe Expressway trying to navigate to the other side of the road when I was accosted by a LASTMA official. The path I took was a one-way road but residents of Ikota Estate usually take it because of the ongoing road reconstruction on the alternative road. While I was discussing with the LASTMA official, a vehicle crushed another official a few metres away, causing commotion. I did not run from the crime scene as it was not far from my home but instead came down from my car and called my husband.
After the LASTMA officials drove my car away, I went to the police station with my husband to report the incident. When I got to the police station, the area commander immediately took over the case and took me to the office of the commissioner of police. I heard the state governor had already told him about the case.
When I narrated my ordeal to the CP, he did not believe my story. He immediately ordered that I should be taken to the SCID. I am the innocent person here, yet I am being made to pay for what I did not do.

So for some unknown reason, the LASTMA authorities are trying to pin the alleged crime on Johnson.
Yinka Johnson is a mother of 3, her last child being 2 months old and is with her in detention.

Saturday, 11 August 2012

LASTMA Official Crushed To Death By Female Banker

Yinka Johnson, a female banker with Standard IBTC bank, ran over and killed a Lagos State Traffic Management Authority (LASTMA) official, 33-year-old Hammed Balogun with her Green Land Rover jeep. She was caught driving against traffic on the Lekki-Ajah Expressway, Lagos State and in a bid to escape being caught, she started driving recklessly and ran over the officer in the process. The LASTMA official was rushed down to Germaine Hospital where he died as a result of the injuries sustained from the accident.

When she realized what she had done, she fled the scene but was later arrested and taken to Ajiwe Police Station and later transferred to the Criminal Investigative Department, Panti for interrogation.

Mysterious Illness Causes Woman To Grow Fingernails Instead of Hair

Shanyna Isom, a high school graduate working towards geeing a law degree is suffering from a strange illness that causes fingernails to grow out of her hair follicles. The illness is believed to be an allergic reaction to the steroids given to her for an asthma attack. Doctors said she produces 12 times the number of skin cells per hair follicle, which suffocates her skin so her skin follicles produce human nails instead.

Shanyna Isom before the illness

Pictures of her skin as a result of the illness

Friday, 10 August 2012

Peter Okoye of P-Square Expecting 2nd Child With Lola Omotayo

Lola Omotayo, the mother of Peter Okoye's first son, Cameron, is pregnant once again. Peter confirmed the news via his twitter account.
There had been rumours earlier about Lola being pregnant because she was wearing a top that was quite big but Peter debunked the rumours, saying this on his twitter account:

 "Just becos she wore a boubou top doesn't mean she's pregnant. Next time i will ask her 2 wear a sexy tight dress to the"

Congratulations to them!!!

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Fatal Accident At UNIZIK Junction, Awka

A very fatal accident which resulted in the loss of human lives occured this evening at the UNIZIK junction, around temp site area of Awka. The accident was said to have been as a result of a trailer whose brakes failed colliding with unsuspecting standers-by. Four people lost their lives including a commercial motocyclist, a child beggar and a hawker. 21 other vehicles were said to have been destroyed. Check after the break for images. WARNING!!! The images are graphic. Viewers discretion is adviced.

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Snoop Dogg Changes Name to Snoop Lion

Change of name: Snoop Dogg has changed his name to 'Snoop Lion' and says that he is is Bob Marley reincarnated
Popular rapper Snoop Dogg has announced that he is changing his name to Snoop Lion after stating that he is tired of hip-hop. He said that he was 'born again' during a visit to Jamaica in February and that he wants to sing music that his kids and grandparents can listen to. He said that he connected with Bob Marley's spirit and is now 'Bob Marley reincarnated'. He is set to release a reggae album called Reincarnated in the fall.