Sunday, 12 August 2012

LASTMA Official Not Actually Killed By Banker?

On Friday, 10th August, there was news that Yinka Johnson, a female banker with Stanbic IBTC, ran over and killed a LASTMA official. This was in the process of trying to evade the LASTMA officials after being caught driving against traffic. Today, it seems that the information that made the news is false as an eyewitness has given a different account of what happened. The eyewitness who was at the scene of the incident said that the LASTMA official was hit by a danfo driver and not by the banker. The eyewitness claimed that the banker's car was stationary when the incident occured. The eyewitness also said that the Danfo had its windscreen broken while there was no sign of an impact on the banker's car.
Here is Yinka's version of the incident:

I was driving on Lekki-Epe Expressway trying to navigate to the other side of the road when I was accosted by a LASTMA official. The path I took was a one-way road but residents of Ikota Estate usually take it because of the ongoing road reconstruction on the alternative road. While I was discussing with the LASTMA official, a vehicle crushed another official a few metres away, causing commotion. I did not run from the crime scene as it was not far from my home but instead came down from my car and called my husband.
After the LASTMA officials drove my car away, I went to the police station with my husband to report the incident. When I got to the police station, the area commander immediately took over the case and took me to the office of the commissioner of police. I heard the state governor had already told him about the case.
When I narrated my ordeal to the CP, he did not believe my story. He immediately ordered that I should be taken to the SCID. I am the innocent person here, yet I am being made to pay for what I did not do.

So for some unknown reason, the LASTMA authorities are trying to pin the alleged crime on Johnson.
Yinka Johnson is a mother of 3, her last child being 2 months old and is with her in detention.

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