Friday, 8 June 2012

PC Browsing With Etisalat Blackberry Subscription

A lot of people have brought to my attention the stoppage of an MTN browsing trick which i posted earlier. Well I have decided to proffer an alternative to that though this time it involves using Etisalat instead.
On your modem interface, simply create an access point with the following details
Leave the username and password empty.
Click on advanced and add this to the DNS settings
Primary DNS:
Secondary DNS:
Then save and connect with it.
On your browser, configure to use these settings:
Proxy address and port 8080
You must have subscribed to the etisalat blackberry plan at least once after which you won't need the subscription to be active before using it. What i mean is that you can still browse with it after the subscription expires.
To subscribe for the etisalat blackberry daily plan, simply dial *499*2*2#. It costs N100 and uses auto-renewal. This means that the subscription is automatically renewed the following day if you have up to N100 airtime on your sim.


  1. pls like to know if etisalat is still working or what is the next thing

    1. No it stopped working long ago. Unfortunately there isn't any other alternative for etisalat right now. However for alternatives to other networks, visit though you have to subscribe to a bundle hence it is not free.


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