Tuesday, 5 June 2012

FG Withdraws Operating License of Dana Airlines

Following the crash of the Dana airlines plane which left 153 people dead on Sunday, 3rd June, 2012, the Federal Government this afternoon announced the withdrawal of the operating licence of Dana Airlines.
Mr. Ben Nnaji, a trained Aerospace Systems Engineer disclosed that he had the same plane was delayed from take off on the 23rd of May, 2012 due to a hydraulic problem. He said he saw some philippine mechanics draining hydraulic fluid from the plane take out a part of the plane. They were told to board the plane without that part being replaced. He pointed out the operational state of the plane to the flight supervisor, who directed him to the pilot. The pilot assured him that the plane was in a good enough condition to fly. Though the plane flew at that moment with no incidence, it should have been taken off service for proper repairs to be performed on it.
According to a Dana Air employee who called in an anonymous tip regarding the same plane, the Indian bosses forced the crew to fly the aircraft in order to maximise profits at the expense of human lives.
The management of Dana Air is expected to pay at least $100,000 as insurance claims for each of the 153 passengers who lost their lives to the crash. This is in line with the requirement of the International Civil Aviation Organization(ICAO). Dana Air is also expected to pay $250,000 to the families of each of the two pilots, as well as $150,000 to the families of each of the six crew members.
Meanwhile, the Senate today ordered the Director General of the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority, Harold Demuren, to step aside pending the conclusion of the investigations into the plane crash.

The plane is said to have made an emergency landing last month and should have been grounded but rather, the NCAA praised the pilots for a job well done.

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