Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Charles Taylor Sentenced To Fifty Years Imprisonment

Charles Taylor, former Liberian President, who has been undergoing trial for helping rebels commit some of the worst war crimes in history, has been jailed for 50 years. The sentence was less than the 80 years which was sought by the prosecution. Edward Conteh, a Sierra Leonean who lost his left arm to the rebels said, "Taylor is now 64 years old, I know that he cannot do 50 years in prison, so I'm satisfied." The presiding judge of the Special Court for Sierra Leone, Richard Lussick, described some of the most hideous atrocities which include the amputations of limbs which became a hallmark of the conflict, the gang rape victim whose eyes were torn out so she couldn't identify the perpetrators, the mother forced to carry a bag of human heads - including those of her children. "She was forced to laugh while carrying the bag dripping with blood," Lussick said. "She saw the heads of her children."
The sentence will be served at a high security prison in Britain and the six years he spent during the trial will count against his term. Taylor's defense lawyer said that rather than promoting international justice, the sentence would only encourage embattled leaders to fight to the end, rather than give in and face possible trial. The defence said it would appeal the sentence, claiming that the prosecution made payments to its witnesses.

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