Saturday, 7 April 2012

Man Proposes to Girlfriend Who Literally Stabbed Him in the Back

A British man whose girlfriend plunged a 12-inch kitchen knife into his back proposes to her in court. The man, Gregory Todd proposed to her during a sentencing hearing though he had to do so through her lawyer after she was remanded to await her sentencing. The 'stabber', Tiffany Baillie admitted to stabbing him last December while dealing with the grief of losing her 10-week-old son and suffering a miscarriage. She was initially charged with attempted murder, but has admitted to grievous bodily harm with intent. She reportedly started crying during the proposal but left the courtroom without giving any response.

Gregory Todd holds up the engagement ring for the woman who stabbed him. (© Caters News Agency)
                The 'stabbee', Gregory Todd

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