Monday, 9 April 2012

Miracle Baby Survives Being Born in a Public Toilet

A woman in Beijing has reportedly given birth in a public toilet. It is reported that the baby's mother went into labour nine days before schedule. The in-labour mother then stopped to use a restroom on her way to a hospital where she ended up giving birth in the toilet. The baby slipped out of reach into the pit but rescue workers managed to retrieve the newborn within 30 minutes after pulling the toilet apart.
The public bathroom where a newborn girl fell into a toilet after an emergency delivery (© He Guang/China Daily,
The baby was reported to be a little pale and stiff afterward, but the child's aunt stated that the baby was doing okay. The mother has been discharged while the baby was still being kept for observation in the hospital.
Newborn who fell in toilet pit in good condition
               Cai Qulin, the baby's mother

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