Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Woman gives birth the same day she discovers that she is pregnant

A woman named Linda Ackley, living in Michigan, gave birth to a healthy 10-pound girl last friday. She found out that she was pregnant the day she delivered her baby. She thought she couldn’t bear children after an infection and abdominal surgery two years ago.
When she went to the hospital last week with a bloated abdomen, her doctor thought she might have a hernia — until a CT scan revealed she was pregnant, and an ultrasound showed she had carried the baby to term. An emergency C-section was
performed, and a shocked and overjoyed Ackley, along with
equally stunned and happy husband Mike, welcomed their
“miracle baby," Kimberly Kay.


  1. Replies
    1. What is false about the story? Don't you believe that strange things occur in the world of f medicine?

  2. It is amazing story that child take birth on same day when his mother knows that she is pregnant. But I am not so sure about this story. It really happens or not?
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